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What Does It Take To Develop a Software Program?

The answer lies in exactly what you want the end product to be. Let’s use Dentech as an example: With 4 decades of experience, we have the most features out of any dental software application on the market to date. Taking all of those features onto a new platform is a time consuming task. One that we have decided to take on with avengence. How can we deliver a new product to our end users with only half the features that are in our previous releases? This would be a disservice to our end users and definitely not a way to capture a competitive edge in the market.

Take a look at Dentrix Ascend. Henry Schein developed Dentrix Ascend and went to market with only half the features that are in their desktop version. The complaints regarding this are endless. How could such a large corporation not put in the time and effort to build a robust software application when they have the resources to do so? They were more concerned with getting to market and making money than building a customer...


I have always been a fan of cars, motorcycles, anything that goes fast and the more you understand the inner workings of the equipment, the better you can wield it. Just like any software application.

Throughout the years, we have made upgrades, restorations, and improvements to Dentech, similar to a classic car. We’ve found better after market tires, custom made leather seats and brand new suspension. She’s taken us for many a good ride and thousands of miles.

I’m happy to announce we are upgrading and I couldn’t be more excited. Our new platform allows our customers the freedom to grow as technology changes and advances. In feedback from your emails, a healthy discussion around software in the cloud has come about. We understand that cloud operating systems are becoming more prevalent. We also know that not all of our customers or those in the dental industry wish to run their practice in the cloud. We have built a platform with that in mind.

We give you the choice!

Our advancement in technology gives our end users the choice to...


I am excited to announce that Dentech has partnered with goEmerchant to streamline your payments and operations. This new partnership is beneficial for you when we launch our brand new platform for Dentech. Fully integrated, transaction data will sync across the entire Dentech suite...


Over the past few weeks, I have been collecting feedback from our customers via our new email list. The feedback has been immeasurably helpful, and I am eager to keep the conversation going.

While we continue to work behind the scenes on improving the look and functionality of our software…We’re also growing the Dentech community.

Based on our customer's feedback from my previous emails I’d like to invite you to join in on the conversations in two ways:

  1. We’ve made a feedback forum for those who like that style: https://dentech.freeforums.net/

  2. If you prefer the social media route, we’ve put together a Facebook group as well:...


Hello everyone! Jane Kaminski here,

2020 sure has thrown us all for some loops. I think all of us are stepping back and realizing we need to adapt to this new norm we are moving into; Personally, in our business, and our communities.

For Dentech, that means trying new things. We all know the Einstein quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The past few months, we have been taking a look at that heavily… it is time to try new things.

We have been busy at Dentech behind the scenes working on future technology with a completely redesigned Dentech Practice Management Software. I will admit, it's daunting. Technology has changed....it continues to change. I find myself swamped in meetings and conferences learning about a new back end system design or feature every other day! I am confident we are making a great...


“But it is the way we have always done it! Is going paperless really worth it? What does it do for me? It’s too costly! We don’t have the time to train and implement!”

The truth is, paper is costing you time and money and here is why.

Imagine answering the phone in your dental practice and the patient on the other end has a question regarding their insurance. You put them on hold, go to pull their paper file and sort through the stacks of paperwork and charts. After 5 minutes of searching, you finally return to the phone with the information you need. Even worse, you might have to call the patient back due to the amount of time it takes. Meanwhile, you just wasted not only your patient’s time, but your staff’s time as well. Time is money and that is money out the door.

Now imagine your office when the same patient calls with the same question. There is no placing the patient on hold, no searching for a paper chart in the stack of files, no searching through their paper health history. Instead, all of their information is available with just a...


Just like Microsoft Windows XP, every good thing must come to an end. It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the launch of Microsoft Windows 7, however, according to Netmarketshare, 39% of all PC users are still using Windows 7.

Are you still one of the 39%?

Even Microsoft is making a valiant effort to squash all Windows 7 users by releasing an update that will display a notification reminding users to upgrade to Windows 10 by January 14, 2020. There are reasons for this and reasons to be concerned about if we as users care about the security of our data. If Microsoft is taking this seriously, then we need to take a cue from them and listen.

In actuality, Microsoft ended all mainstream support and warranty for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015 and has only been providing security and bug fixes. Granted you will not wake up on January 14, 2020 to find that your Windows 7 pc has spontaneously combusted. You will still be able to use it, however, there are strong concerns and urges from every angle of the software and...