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In order for your practice to be successful, you have to have the right tools. At Dentech, we have worked hard for over 40 years to provide top solutions for your dental practice. We deliver innovative technology to practices all over the United States and continue to build relationships with each and every customer.

What Can Dentech Do For Your Practice?

Dentech Practice Management Software

Did You Know That Dentech Is The Original Pioneer Of Dental Practice Management Software?

Dentech was founded in 1977 by Raymond F. Kaminski. Ray created one of the first practice management software's for dentists that functioned seamlessly and improved office efficiency and patient care. Dentech remains a private, family owned business and provides dental practices with innovated solutions and personalized support.

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What Are Dentist Office's Saying About Dentech Solutions?

Document Management Solution

"All of my staff love the new easy to use DenDox. It’s intuitive design allowed us to get up and running with little to no instruction. Information is at our fingertips with the new enhanced search function and we love the ability to scan from anywhere in the office. Standard office procedures and processes for paperless practices are simple to implement and use with the new DenDox. DenDox is a great choice for anyone looking to go paperless.” -Dr. Mesh, PC Fenton, MI

Patient Check In

“Our office is a big fan of the Check-Me-In tablet and appointment monitor system. Our patients gravitate towards it and love that they can now alert us to any information changes since their last visit. We love the photo feature because we know who we are getting from the waiting room, which is great for new staff and new patients. The system notifications improve workflow by notifying staff when patients arrive and updates them immediately when there is a change in the schedule. We like having the capability to adjust the settings per staff so you only see your patients and have customized alert sounds.” – Dr. Lydy’s Office, MI

Dentech Communicator

“Implementing the Dentech Communicator has made a significant difference with our patient communication. Sending texts and emails to our patients for appointment reminders and various other information has decreased our patient no-shows dramatically! Dentech Communicator has given us a more effective and reliable way to interact with our patients and make our office more efficient and productive.” - Dr. Broering’s Office, New Bremen, OH

Dentech Practice Management Software

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Are You Using Electronic Statements? Dentech is your one-stop source for fast, effective statement processing, printing and mailing. If you’re currently printing and mailing in-house, you’re allocating a lot of time and money to this process. Consider for a moment, you can lighten your work load and still get the job done! By using eStatements you outsource your patient statements, allowing you to bypass conventional time-consuming printing, stuffing, stamping and shortens the time it takes to get statements to your patients. Cut the time and improve your bottom line. Find Out More >>

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