Voice-Activated Charting

Make Clinical Charting A Breeze
DenChart is our patented voice-activated charting software, allowing you to chart patient exams swiftly—in as little as 5 minutes—all conveniently housed in one place.

One-click Tooth Review
Click on a tooth and instantly access its history, including previous conditions and treatments, all in one place.

Auto-Compare Chart History
Our patented feature provides immediate insights into teeth health changes by simply hovering over a tooth.

Voice Triplets Commands™
Speak measurements with Triplet Commands to record pocket depths quickly and accurately without interruption.

Exam Focus Window™
View a magnified tooth display from 6ft away, ideal for charting perio or restorative conditions, with versatile viewing options.

Auto Advance/Resume
Automatically move to the next tooth for charting, with the ability to pause for detailed conditions and resume seamlessly.

Patented Feedback Control
Enhance voice-activated precision with adjustable feedback speed, minimizing data entry errors.

Flip Command
Easily switch views between lingual and facial sides of a tooth with a simple voice command.

Zooming and Panning
Exclusive Dentech feature for detailed zooming and panning within the exam focus window.


Everything you need to run your Dental Practice.

We specialize in creating innovative and user-friendly solutions for dental practices. Explore how our features can streamline dental office operations and enhance your patient care.

Keep track of treatment proposals and completed work. You can also select defaults for various treatments, either manually or by voice. For example, whenever a crown is charted you can have “gold” automatically selected and change if needed.

Our Dental Practice Management Features

Dentech’s cutting-edge, efficient solutions are designed to speed up your practice. Our platform streamlines all aspects of practice management, from appointment scheduling to billing, into one seamless process. With Dentech, you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks and more time providing exceptional care to your patients. We offer features that directly cater to your dental practices every need. Our goal is to help your practice run smoothly so you can provide the best patient care imaginable.

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Practice Management

Dental Practice Management Software Done Right

Elevate your dental practice with Dentech NextGen, offering intuitive features from one-click patient information access to advanced reporting. Streamline appointments, treatment planning, and insurance processing while ensuring data security and compliance.

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Voice-Activated Charting

Hassle-Free Perio and Restorative Charting

DenChart is Dentech’s patented voice-activated charting software. Everything you need to chart patient exams in as little as 5 minutes, all in one place.

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Document Management

Organize your patient documents

Never lose a document again. Using DenDox as your document management tool propels your practice far beyond the realm of merely going paperless. Thousands of practices trust DenDox to efficiently produce and access patient records, all the while minimizing the risks and regulatory challenges associated with misplaced paper files.

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Patient Check-In

Patient Check-In Kiosk and Monitor System

The Fast And Contact-Free Way To Streamline Your Dental Practice’s Patient Check-Ins. Replace a busy front desk with self check-ins, automatically keep patient info and appointment statuses updated, and see check-in status to start treatments even if reception’s busy.

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Patient Communication

Integrated Patient Communication Solution

Keep your chairs filled with automated SMS and email updates with Dentech Communicator which enables better patient communication. Appointment reminders, pre-op info to soothe cancellation-causing concerns, marketing tools, and more.

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Digital Imaging

Digital sensors, cameras, and software

From high-res imaging and dental diagnostic tools, to advanced digital imaging software. Dentech has everything you need to streamline diagnoses and educate patients.

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Simplify And Scale Your Dental Practice

Lighten your workload with our eServices: digital claims processing, e-statements, online patient prescription management, and more.

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Managed Services

Dental IT Security Services Managed For You

Your Practice’s Data And Security Are More Important Than Ever. Businesses that hold patient health information (including dental practices) are often a major target for cybersecurity threats. Even small practices are often targets because many hackers see them as low-hanging fruit, less likely to have the time and resources to stay protected. Beyond this, you never know when your data and hardware will be vulnerable to a physical threat such as fire, inclement weather, or even theft.

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Hardware Solutions

The Latest In Dental Equipment

Whether you’re opening a new practice or looking to update your existing hardware to the best available, our expert staff can guide you toward the right solutions for you and your business.

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