Perio Charting

Welcome to DenChart Perio Voice Charting, another Dentech innovation. DenChart Perio Voice Charting is essential to improving the efficiency of your practice. With over 1 million voice activated charts created every year, the proof is there that DenChart's Perio Voice Charting is the unmatched method for patient care.

Perio Charting Features

  • Voice reduces exam time to less than 5 minutes
  • Flag tooth conditions
  • Auto-Compare™ Chart History
  • Voice Triplet Command™
  • Tooth-Location™ by Voice Command
  • Supports Florida Probe® and other hardware

Additional Info

To purchase, please fill out a purchase inquiry by clicking the button below. For more information or to get in contact with a sales representative who can answer your questions, please email If you already have this service and need help, please contact our support line 1-866-549-8702.