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Cloud Backup

Protecting your patient data is just as important as protecting your patients' dental health. Why not simplify the process with a cloud storage solution? There are several essential advantages to backing up your data to a cloud solution, including:


Never outgrow your data storage needs. As your practice grows larger, so too can your data capacity!

Efficiency & Reliability

Our state-of-the-art technology uses automatic encryption and compression methods. Status reports are also emailed to the office on a daily basis.


Offsite data copies are accessible from any internet connected device whenever or wherever you need them!

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Safe, Secure Offsite Data Storage

  • Safe and secure way of backing up all of your data to two locations.
  • Receive daily reports emailed to the office on backup status.
  • Eliminate having to transport data on an external drive or tape to an offsite location.
  • Cloud backup will backup everything on your server including x-rays.

Additional Info

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