Welcome Ashley To The Dentech Team! Your Support and Training Specialist

Jane Kaminski

Aug 16, 2021

I feel the excitement for the next generation of Dentech’s Practice Management Software from many of you in our demo sessions. So many questions asked, so many possibilities imagined with what you can do with the new Dentech. As we release more features, I realize that we need more help to properly re-educate all of our customers on the ins and outs of our brand new interface.

With that in mind, I am happy to announce the addition of Ashley Kuchta to our team! Ashley has joined the team to help you with your training needs. Whether you are looking to learn about our upcoming features, how to run your practice better, or have a quick question, Ashley is here for you, along with the rest of our amazing team.

How well does Ashley know dentistry? A clinical dental assistant for over 18 years, Ashley spent the last eight years as both an office manager AND practice administrator. She has worked with a variety of different practice management softwares, including over seven years with one of Dentech’s largest clients, so she knows the nitty-gritty details of our product just as intimately as YOU.

With such a strong track record in both the technical and administrative aspects of the dental industry, Ashley KNOWS how to manage a practice best. We have brought on her expertise to help us create some helpful training webinars for you in the future, so you will be seeing a lot more of her!

Stay tuned for more content as we release monthly how-to blogs, video tutorials, and more! If you have any suggestions for documentation/training videos you would like to see produced sooner rather than later, feel free to contact Ashley at ashley.kuchta@dentech.com!


Jane E. Kaminski

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