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Jane Kaminski

Jan 28, 2024

Responding to the needs of dental professionals and patients alike, we are thrilled to introduce Dentech’s Online Forms—a highly requested feature designed to dramatically improve your patient intake experience! Meticulously crafted to enhance the efficiency of your practice’s operations and the satisfaction of your patients, our new feature set simplifies the patient intake process and fortifies compliance with ease. From customizable patient information forms that gather detailed data securely to the streamlined collection of insurance details and HIPAA acknowledgments, our solutions are engineered to support your practice’s unique needs. In this blog, we will explore the powerful capabilities of Dentech’s Online Forms and how they are revolutionizing patient check-ins, data management, and overall practice workflow.

The Advantages of Dentech’s Online Forms: Embracing Efficiency and Convenience

Early Insight for Improved Patient Experience

Dentech’s Online Forms are a game-changer in transforming patient intake processes. By enabling patients to submit their information before their appointment, your practice benefits from early insight. This pre-appointment data collection not only streamlines patient intake but also allows your team to familiarize themselves with patient histories, special requirements, and preferences ahead of time. This proactive preparation ensures a personalized and efficient experience for each patient, fostering a relationship built on trust and attentiveness from the very first interaction.

Maximizing Patient Comfort: Minimizing Wait Times

In today’s fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity, and Dentech understands this perfectly. With our Online Forms, we say goodbye to the outdated practice of arriving early to fill out paperwork. Patients can now complete all necessary documentation from the comfort of their homes, at their own pace. This innovation not only eliminates the need for patients to arrive 15 minutes early but also significantly reduces the time spent in waiting rooms. By valuing and respecting patients’ time, Dentech elevates patient satisfaction and cultivates a more relaxed, welcoming environment in your practice.

Digital Integration: Streamlined and Secure

A cornerstone of Dentech’s Online Forms is their flawless integration with Dentech’s systems. Upon completion of a form, patient information is instantly and securely updated in our system. This seamless digital integration eliminates manual data entry, reducing potential errors and saving substantial administrative effort. Keeping patient records current and accurate becomes effortless, ensuring your practice operates with the latest, most reliable information at hand. This not only boosts your operational workflow but also upholds the highest standards of data security and compliance with privacy regulations.

By incorporating Dentech’s Online Forms into your practice, you’re not just adopting a new tool; you’re embracing a philosophy where efficiency, patient satisfaction, and digital integration converge to redefine the patient care experience. Witness the transformative impact with Dentech and propel your practice into the forefront of innovative, patient-centric dental care.

Get the Full Picture with Patient Information Forms

Our Online Forms at Dentech not only streamline the intake process but also offer unparalleled customization to align with your practice’s unique needs. Patients can fill out their information in advance, from basic contact details to more specific data like student status and emergency contact information. With options for patients to select their salutation, gender, family status, and preferred language, each form becomes a comprehensive snapshot of the patient’s profile. Fields for sensitive information such as Social Security numbers and driver’s license details are handled securely, respecting patient privacy and ensuring your practice stays compliant. To further streamline the check-in process, patients can upload photos of their IDs and insurance cards beforehand. This feature cuts down on administrative tasks and makes the arrival process smoother. Additionally, the ability to draw signatures directly on the form adds a personal touch while maintaining the validity of the information provided. By leveraging these customizable form features, Dentech empowers your practice to enhance operational efficiency, maintain data accuracy, and elevate the patient experience from the very first click.

Enhanced Compliance with HIPAA Forms

In the realm of patient care, respecting privacy is paramount. Dentech’s Online HIPAA Acknowledgement Form embodies our commitment to upholding the standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Through this digital form, patients can conveniently affirm their understanding of their rights regarding protected health information. The form outlines the purposes for which their information can be used — from treatment coordination to payment processing and healthcare operations. It also informs patients of their rights to review and request changes to the Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP). With a straightforward checkbox and signature field, patients can acknowledge receipt and comprehension of the NOPP, ensuring your practice meets compliance requirements with ease and transparency. This online process not only streamlines the compliance aspect of patient onboarding but also reinforces the trust and security that are the foundation of the patient-practice relationship.

Streamlining Operations with Insurance Forms

Dentech’s Insurance Online Forms provide a streamlined approach for capturing primary insurance information. Patients are guided to input their details, from the insured’s name to the specific insurance carrier and policy number. A section for responsible party information allows for accurate data collection in situations where the patient is not the policyholder, ensuring all necessary details are meticulously recorded. This seamless integration into Dentech NextGen facilitates a smooth data transition, setting the stage for efficient claim processing and management.

Transitioning effortlessly into secondary insurance, the form maintains continuity for patients who carry additional coverage. It ensures that the collection of secondary insurance details is just as comprehensive, accommodating the complexities of multiple insurance policies. The option for patients to indicate a different responsible party for the secondary insurance further streamlines the intake process. Signature fields at the end of each section confirm the validity of the information, providing a robust foundation for your practice’s insurance handling procedures.

Fully Customizable Forms Tailored to Your Practice

Dentech’s Online Forms are designed with flexibility in mind, featuring customizable options to suit the unique workflow of your practice. Securely control access with time-sensitive QR codes for patient check-in, and choose to display a Check-In link at the end of your Online Scheduler for seamless patient flow. Enhance your efficiency by enabling the automatic import of form data straight into your Practice Management Software, and opt to receive completed forms by email for prompt review. With the ability to select specific email and SMS templates for communication, you can ensure a consistent and professional experience for your patients. All these settings are effortlessly savable with a single click, encapsulating Dentech’s commitment to providing adaptable, efficient solutions for modern dental practices.

Develop New Forms To Fit All Your Practice’s Needs

Dentech’s suite of online solutions extends beyond preset forms, granting you the capability to create custom forms tailored to the specific needs of your practice. Whether you require detailed patient medical history forms, consent documents for various procedures, or any other type of form, our platform is designed for versatility. This customizable feature empowers you to gather all necessary patient information and consent, ensuring a seamless and thorough intake process. With Dentech, you have the tools to design, implement, and manage the forms that align perfectly with your practice’s workflow and compliance standards.

Seamless Integration Through the Dentech Communicator

Starting with our Online Forms is as easy as it gets. Integrated into Dentech Communicator, this feature offers a hassle-free transition, ensuring you can leverage its benefits without any disruption to your existing workflow. Dentech’s commitment to enhancing your practice shines through with this innovative feature. By improving efficiency, ensuring compliance, and elevating the patient experience, we’re setting a new standard in dental practice management.

Ready To Take Your Practice To the Next Level?

Embrace the future of dental practice management with Dentech NextGen, the exclusive home of our advanced Online Forms feature. If you’re still using Dentech Legacy, now is the perfect time to upgrade and unlock the full potential of Dentech’s innovative solutions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your practice’s efficiency, compliance, and patient satisfaction. Contact us today to make the switch to Dentech NextGen, and let us help you transform your patient intake process with the power of customization and seamless integration. Join the multitude of dental professionals who are already experiencing the benefits of Dentech NextGen. Upgrade now and ensure your practice is at the forefront of dental healthcare innovation.

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