Better Reports Help You Run Your Dental Practice Smoothly – Part 2

Jane Kaminski

Apr 26, 2023

Welcome to part two of our blog series on Dentech’s practice management software reports. After exploring financial reports in part one, we’re now diving into patient reports. These reports offer valuable insights into patient demographics, dental histories, and more, helping you enhance patient care and retention. Let’s explore the key patient reports in Dentech’s software.

Patient Reports

Patient reports provide detailed information about your patients, their demographics, and their dental histories. These reports can help your dental practice team identify trends and opportunities to improve patient care and retention. Let’s take a look at some of the most informative patient reports available in Dentech’s practice management software.

The New Patient Report provides detailed information about new patients, including their age, gender, and contact information. By reviewing this report, you can identify the sources of new patients and which marketing efforts are most effective in attracting them. This information can help you fine-tune your marketing strategy to better target potential patients and increase the number of new patients at your practice.

The Recall Report helps you monitor and manage your patient recall system. This report provides information about patients who are due for appointments, have missed appointments, or have canceled appointments. By regularly reviewing this report, you can ensure that your practice is providing timely care to your patients and improve your patient retention rates.

The Treatment Scanning Report provides a detailed summary of your patient’s treatment plan, including the recommended procedures, their status, and estimated costs. By reviewing this report, you can monitor the progress of each patient’s treatment plan and ensure that they are receiving the care they need. You can also use this report to identify patients who may require additional follow-up or education about their treatment plan.

The Referral Report provides information about patients who were referred to your practice by other patients or healthcare professionals. By reviewing this report, you can identify which sources are most effective in generating new patient referrals and reward patients or professionals who refer new patients to your practice.

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