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"We are a Paperless Office"

Case Study

From speaking with several dental practices it is apparent that if a dental office is chartless then that defines them as a “paperless office.” In this case study we explore what defines a “paperless office” and the benefits of becoming a truly “paperless office.”

The Belief

With advancements in today’s technology, dental offices are dramaticly changing the way they handle their dental business. It is a common practice for dental offices to integrate practice management software into their practices and produce electronic charts instead of paper charts....


Is Voice Charting for A Multi-Office Practice Feasible?  

Case Study

In this case study we take a look at a large multi-location dental practice and their implementation of DenChart periodontal voice charting software. Over the span of a year, we explore what is involved in the installation, training and use of voice charting software in a multi-office, geographically dispersed dental practice. Is successfully implementing and utilizing voice-activated charting in a multi-office practice really possible? Let’s find out!

The Problem

The multi-office practice we were working with* expressed to us that their problems with their...


"FREE" Software

Case Study

Several vendors offer “Free Software” these days. This case study is based on real‐life experiences and explores what is involved with the installation, training and deployment of “Free Software” and what risks are associated with the proposition of “Free Software”.

The Promise

A significant number of dental practices are purchasing supplies on a continuous basis and introducing digital imaging hardware and software. Sales representatives from vendors providing these supplies and imaging sensors, quite often offer “FREE Software” to such dental practices. What...


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