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Software Support

Dentech offers a variety of complete and partial support options to suit any practice and budget. Users who have a support contract enjoy unlimited toll-free software support and software updates. A Dentech support agreement puts the nations best support team just one phone call away. With software support, Dentech support experts can answer all your questions. For more information on specific support packages and costs, please review the information below or contact us.

Support Packages

Have a question on patient registration or insurance payment entry? That's what the Dentech Software Support Agreement is for. You get an unlimited number of phone calls to Support Department to answer day-to-day operational questions. In addition, you will receive Dentech software updates, full of new programs and program enhancements.

We offer a wide variety of different contracts (monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.) for the four major software systems we provide; Dentech Practice Management, DenChart Clinical Charting, DenDox Document Management, and Apteryx Imaging Software.

For more information or to get in contact with a sales representative who can answer your questions, please email sales@dentech.com or call 800.233.4998 ext. 239.