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Digital Patient Check-In

Automate your patient check-in process and create an engaging experience with Dentech’s user-friendly check-in kiosk and monitor system!

patient check in

Check Me In Benefits

  • NEW - Drag and drop appointments
  • NEW - Check out status
  • Customize up to 9 patient questions
  • Add patient notes on the fly
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Eliminate time consuming manual front desk tasks
  • Ensure all patient forms are up-to-date
  • Capture patient profile pictures for patient records
  • Track patient check-in and appointment progress
  • Immediate on screen notification of patient's arrival

“Our office is a big fan of the Check-Me-In tablet and appointment monitor system. Our patients gravitate towards it and love that they can now alert us to any information changes since their last visit. We love the photo feature because we know who we are getting from the waiting room, which is great for new staff and new patients. The system notifications improve workflow by notifying staff when patients arrive and updates them immediately when there is a change in the schedule. We like having the capability to adjust the settings per staff so you only see your patients and have customized alert sounds.” – Alyssa, Dr. Lydy’s Office, MI

CMI Alexa.png

Dentech’s Check Me-In Now Integrates with Amazon Alexa.

With Alexa and the CMI Appointment Monitor for Dentech you can complete many tasks with just the sound of your voice. Get real time information about patient and appointment status, print on the spot patient care forms and move patients through their appointment phases (Checked In, In Treatment, and Checked out). Get started with Check-Me-In for Alexa today!

"The all new Dentech with "Check Me In" allows an enhanced Alexa experience at work. Be continuously in touch with the progress of appointments through your office right from the Alexa Show screen. The modern digital dental office now goes even further into the digital world. Easy to install and use. A blast to use at work! -Dr. Mesh, PC Fenton, MI

Check out our automated patient kiosk and monitoring system!

Additional Info

For more information or to get in contact with a sales representative who can answer your questions, please email or call 1-800-233-4998. If you already have this software and need help, please contact our support line 1-866-549-8702.

*Integrates with your Dental Practice Management Software