June 2019

Dentech Today: New and Exciting Things Are Happening At Dentech

Over the past year, Dentech has been making many changes to the look and feel of the brand and also to our products. We have a new logo and a new website that showcases everything Dentech has to offer to our customers. We have started a blog and now a quarterly newsletter! We have new product designs, like our new document management software, DenDox. We have updated and added features to current products like our automated patient check-in process and monitor system. We have also partnered with Polaroid for all of your digital imaging needs. Dentech has some exciting new things in the pipeline that will benefit your dental practice and enhance your patient care.

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Dentech Announces New Document Management Solution: Go Paperless!

Dentech has announced its new document management solution, DenDox. Go paperless with fast chart retrieval and automated workflow. Import any file from anywhere. Quickly search, collaborate within the office, keep files up to date, create electronic forms and ensure sensitive patient information remains HIPAA compliant. Read More >>

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Check-Me-In New Features

New Features for Check-Me-In Automate your patient check-in process and create an engaging experience with Dentech’s user-friendly check-in kiosk and monitor system. Read More >>

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Windows 7 & Server 2008 End-of-Life: What You Need To Know

Microsoft will officially retire Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 from their support on January 14, 2020. Read More >>

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Are you losing Money? Use Dentech To Avoid Late Claim Submissions

Submit claims as soon as possible after treatment is completed, UNBILLED WORK will help to ensure that all work charged out is being claimed in a timely fashion.



Dentech Integrates with Polaroid Imaging 

Dentech is now a provider of Polaroid Dental Imaging Cameras and Sensors. The Polaroid brand has been a staple of successful dental practices for decades because of their reputation for delivering both consistently, superior results and value. Products include HD sensors, wired and wireless intraoral cameras.

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