December 2019


Did You Know That DenChart's Odontogram Pulls Together DenDox Data, Dentech History, and Apteryx Images?

One of the most powerful outcomes of integrated technology is the potential to organize the pertinent data in a format that is readily available to educate the patient in real time.



DenChart Patented Features

We pride ourselves on being the pioneers for voice activated charting software with patented features that you cannot find in any other clinical charting software.


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Is Your Practice Using The Innovated Technology Of DenChart’s Clinical Charting?

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EOL Countdown

Just a reminder that Microsoft will officially retire Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 from their support on January 14, 2020.

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Employee Spotlight

Meet Todd Tegman, our Senior Systems Analyst who has been with Dentech for over 18 years. Todd works behind the scenes creating and updating some of our software programs.

Favorite Part of Working at Dentech: Working with all of the people at Dentech!

Favorite Hobby: I love to cook gourmet food.

Fun Fact: I have been put in charge of making Cheesecake for all of my family gatherings.