August 2019


The Truth Is, Paper Is Costing You Time And Money And Here is Why

Can you afford to not go paperless? In today’s dental practice, going paperless is about placing all of your patient information in one centralized location for easy access.

To find out how,

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Reduce Patient No-Shows

“Implementing Dentech Communicator has made a significant difference with our patient communication. Sending texts and emails to our patients for appointment reminders and various other information has decreased our patient no-shows dramatically! Dentech Communicator has given us a more effective and reliable way to interact with our patients and make our office more efficient and productive.” - Dr. Broering’s Office, New Bremen, OH



Did You Know? DenChart Has Spell Check Built Into Clinical Notes

In DenChart you can run the spell check to see if you have made any spelling mistakes. When you ask the program to help you correct your work, it reads through every word you have written and checks to see if the word is in its dictionary. Read More >>

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FACT : Better Technology Means Better Results For You

Why has the Polaroid brand been a staple of successful dental practices for decades? Because of their reputation for delivering both consistently, superior results and value. Q3 Promotions>>