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February 2020

Document Management Solution

Save Time. Save Money.                               Take your Dental Practice Paperless Today.

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Time Is Money. Both Are Valuable.

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Are You Using Electronic Statements?

Dentech is your one-stop source for fast, effective statement processing, printing and mailing. If you’re currently printing and mailing in-house, you’re allocating a lot of time and money to this process. Consider for a moment, you can lighten your work load and still get the job done! By using eStatements you outsource your patient statements, allowing you to bypass conventional time-consuming printing, stuffing, stamping and shortens the time it takes to get statements to your patients. Cut the time and improve your bottom line.

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Do You Know About The Drag and Drop Feature in DenDox?

DenDox’s new drag and drop feature allows you to upload files by dragging them directly from your desktop or folder. Whether you are saving an image, filing a document or updating insurance, this feature provides a seamless file upload into DenDox.

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How does Dentech enhance your Practice?

Dentech’s Time Clock feature allows your employee's to clock-in and out and keeps track of their working hours. The office manager can oversee everything in Time Clock, including Sick, Holiday and Vacation time. You can also create reports of each employee's hours for any given time, which can be used for payroll and accounting purposes.

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Vendor Spotlight

NEW Apteryx Sensors and Cameras! Dentech is now a supplier for Apteryx Digital Sensors and Intraoral Cameras. The sensors and cameras operate seamlessly with Apteryx imaging software and integrates directly with all major practice management software. The sensors also come with a 3-year, deductible-free warranty!

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