Unique Features

Dentech Practice Management's many unique features are carefully designed to meet the every need of the modern dental practice. See how our system's unique features handle tough office issues with elegant solutions that other practice management systems simply cannot offer.

dental practice management software

Extremely Thorough Account History

Dentech's uniquely extensive account records give you a detailed look into your patient's account history.

dental practice management software

Trackable HIPPA Logs

Trackable HIPPA logs allow you to track activity on your system by each employee carrying out the work.

dental practice management software

Clinical Notes

A Clinical Note is a piece of information that you would normally write in a chart describing a patients procedures or conditions in depth.

  • Notes can be pre-loaded so you may search for common ones or you may enter your own description up to 88 characters.
  • Notes are shown in Charge Entry until posting and may be viewed at any time in Clinical Notes Inquiry.
  • Clinical Notes are time stamped and posted at midnight.
dental practice management software

Time Clock

The Dentech Time Clock keeps track of employees' working hours and allows you to create reports of each employee's hours for any given time period.

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