DenChart FAQs

Does voice activated charting truly work?

DenChart achieves close to 100% voice accuracy when using common dental terms and phrases. DenChart’s approved digital headsets and powerful voice control software drastically improve the accuracy and efficiency of your periodontal exams.

Is voice activated charting more efficient than A keyboard and mouse?

Voice activation is dependent on only one individual, where keyboard and mouse entry are dependent on two individuals, one person keying in the information while the other performs the actual exam.

DenChart includes voice feedback, quadrant change notification, as well as patent pending features, which reduce the time of a periodontal exam to less than 5 minutes. This makes voice the preferable method of data entry.

Which existing systems does DenChart integrate with?

DenChart integrates with most practice management software applications. Please contact 800.233.4998 to see if your practice management software qualifies.

Is DenChart difficult to learn?

With DenChart’s training structure, a user can be trained on the basic principles of DenChart in less than one hour. DenChart includes a quick reference guide, online user manual/help section as well as pop-up windows that appear when hovering the cursor over a particular button, field or area of the screen.

Is it difficult to train your voice?

Combining DenChart’s approved digital headsets with powerful voice accuracy, you can train your voice only once and in less than 5 minutes.

Why I should buy DenChart?

DenChart provides the following:

  • Ease of use for the clinician
  • Minimizes exam time to less than 5 minutes with voice charting
  • Multiple modes of data entry with voice
  • Florida Probe and Dental R.A.T
  • Web training, which is a notable cost saver for the user

What if I don’t want to use voice?

DenChart data entry modes include; mouse, keyboard, Dental R.A.T., Florida Probe as well as voice.

Can you use wireless headsets with DenChart?

Yes, DenChart has been tested and proven to work with approved wireless headsets.

Is DenChart capable of matching my speed of calling numbers?

Voice Triplet Command™ allows the user to use one voice command to enter three tooth sites. For example, instead of the provider saying “Two” waiting for audio feedback and then say “One” for the following measurement, the provider can say “TwoOneTwo” as one phrase. The system will automatically display the corresponding pocket depths for that tooth site.

Are medical alerts supported?

Yes, medical alerts are displayed in DenChart and managed by the practice management software program.

What type of reports can DenChart generate?

DenChart generates a list of reports that can be saved in PDF format. Reports include:

  • Periodontal Chart
  • Pocket Report
  • Periodontal Comparison Report
  • Periodontal Tables
  • Periodontal Summary Report
  • Periodontal/Tooth Notes

Does DenChart support adding notes?

Yes, DenChart is capable of adding Periodontal/Tooth Notes by data entry. The user will have the capability to add shortcut phrases which will significantly reduce the amount of time required in entering notes.

Is DenChart networked?

DenChart is a networked based program making any patient data accessible from any workstation on a shared network. This is an exceptional bonus for offices with multi-site locations.

How long does it take to be trained on DenChart?

With any new software application, training is essential. We offer both on-site and web-based training depending on the users needs. Contact for further information.

How is DenChart licensed?

DenChart is a Client/Server application and has a license for the server and an individual license for each workstation that is being installed.