About Us

As the original pioneers in the advancement of dental computer technology, customers nationwide have trusted Softech for over 40 years. Our organization thrives due to our commitment to building lifelong relationships and making customer satisfaction our #1 priority. Through our world-class, innovative dental solutions, Softech ensures your practice can provide the best patient care imaginable. Our expert team and commitment to quality dental solutions and customer relationships are the heart of Softech.

Jane E. Kaminski (COO), daughter of Raymond F. Kaminski (Founder)

Jane E. Kaminski (COO), daughter of Raymond F. Kaminski (Founder)

Our History

Over four decades ago, our founder Raymond F. Kaminski saw the growing need for innovation in the dental field. He was committed to making his vision a reality—a world in which computer technology and dentistry functioned seamlessly, improving the lives of doctors and patients alike. Since 1978, Softech has worked tirelessly to meet and surpass that goal.

Today, Softech has become a leader in dental solutions, while still maintaining the spirit and commitment to the innovation of Ray's vision. We remain a family-owned business, guided by the second-generation leadership of Ray’s daughter Jane E. Kaminski, COO, who runs Softech’s daily operations. Due to this, we are one of the only user-definable software providers in the industry, as customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our rich history and vast experience in the industry allows us to provide unmatched service and complete solutions for all your practice needs.

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